Summer 2008

Saturday, June 14 - Wednesday, July 9

There were many pets at my friends' house: two dogs and three cats. Not only do all the pets have amusing, unique quirks, but they are very lovable, as well.

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{Pictures and movies taken on someone else’s camera (and not by me) are noted in braces.}

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The Puppy With No Name, AKA Buttercup, AKA Cream Puff.

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Jazmine and Cream Puff.

Eventually she was finally named Evie. She's adorable!

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Playful puppy.

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Jazmine. I learned her name is spelled with a "Z" instead of the standard "S".

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Caught! This silly dog frequently scratched her back against the benches, making this funny trilling sound.

Wanting inside.

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Jazmine and Evie.

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Evie plays with a mouse toy.

I love this picture of her!

Dog vs. Cat. {Sarah}
(2:34, 31.6 MB)

Dog vs. Cat, Round 2. {Sarah}
(0:08, 1.5 MB)

This looks like something in a painting. {Taylor}

Cosmo. {Taylor}

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Cosmo by the roses. {Taylor}

Jazmine is one of the sweetest dogs I know. {Taylor}

Jazmine in the pool.

Evie with a bone. She was swimming, too.

Jazmine in Bugville.

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Wet (and out of focus) pup.

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Kiri playing in a plastic bag. Silly kitty!

Kiri lounges on my suitcase. I don't think she wanted me to leave.

The puppy—a Pomeranian—was actually their cousin's, who was living with them at the time. She moved out during my stay, but returned to visit over the Fourth of July, bringing the puppy with her.

Jazmine was a puppy last time I visited. She followed me everywhere.

Cosmo has a very squeaky, almost inaudible meow. He and the puppy loved to play-fight, as seen in the videos.

Kiri—a ragdoll cat—liked to steal people's beds and seats. Whenever she'd use the litter box, she'd scratch at the hardwood floor afterward, which I found amusing.

I didn't get any pictures of Max, the other cat, but he was never around.

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