Summer 2006

Day 1
The Arrival
Tuesday, June 6

Having spent nearly six months planning this trip, I was psyched that the day had finally come. Around five in the morning, my mom and I drove to the airport. After several jokes that she was coming with me, we said goodbye, and I made my way to my gate. I'd never flown such a long distance by myself before, let alone had to change planes, so I was a bit anxious. At 7:00 AM we had lift off! Washington, here I come!

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Waiting at the airport.


Beautiful sunrise while waiting for the plane to take off.

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After a layover in Newark, New Jersey and a long flight stuck between two people, my plane finally arrived at Seattle-Tacoma. Tired and a little disoriented from the flight and having no sleep the night before, I managed to find my way to baggage claim, where I was greeted by Errol and his friend Jeff. Despite having never met Errol in person, it was great seeing a familiar face; meeting him was actually not awkward in the slightest.

The three of us started out by getting some lunch, followed by a visit to Gas Works Parks, which has one of the best views of the Seattle skyline.

Lunch at Red Robin! Quesadilla things and a strawberry lemonadeódelish!

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Seattle skyline from Gas Works Park.

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Look at the view!

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Errol and me in the skyline.

This nifty sundial is a work of art!

Later on we went to the University of Washington's campus, where Errol lives and attends school. Errol gave me a tour of his house and introduced me to his housemates that were home. After dropping my stuff off and hanging out there for a bit, we walked around campus.

You may call me Zhang Ziyi?

The Suzzallo Library.

Gorgeous view from the Alberg Terrace.

Errol is a very, um...interesting fellow.

A dogwood tree, I think, from the Terrace view.

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Man, this campus is so pretty! Look at the dogwood flowers!

Sylvan Theater. I love the concrete stairs in the middle of the grass.

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Roses near the Frosh Pond.

Giant bowling pin! Oh, and Errol trying to be as tall as possible.

Pyramid with a giant pencil atop?

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Itís Narnia! So this is where the Cold Metal Door leads...

UW has a really beautiful campus; it was especially so because the weather was nice. After the great, long, and fun tour, we grabbed a quick snack at Errol's and headed to the University Presbyterian Church (UPC) for its worship service. Because of being finals week, it was slightly different from the usual INN service they have; the normally huge crowd was much smaller (albeit still impressive), and worship consisted mostly of singing with a bit of sharing and prayer. (Normally there's also a sermon.) Even though I only really knew Errol (and possibly Jeff), it felt pretty welcoming there, and I enjoyed it.

After the service, Errol and I hung outside, waiting for Kirsten to arrive. When she and her mom Joellen came, I was a little taken by surprise at first because it was dark out by then and because they seemed to come out of nowhere (heheheh). It was so awesome seeing them again! Joellen looked the same to me, but Kirsten was all grown up! (Last time I saw them was five years ago.) I introduced them and Errol, and the four of us talked for a while. We got my luggage from Errol's house and moved it to the car. After saying goodbye to Errol, the three of us headed home (away from home) to Kirsten's house, where I would be staying most of the trip. What a fun and exciting day!

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